Seth Moulton Is Ending His Campaign For President

Seth Moulton Is Ending His Campaign For President

Rep. Seth Moulton is asserting he's giving up of the presidential race in an exceedingly speech to a Democratic National board meeting Fri.

"Though this campaign isn't ending the means we tend to hoped, i'm deed this race knowing that we tend to raised problems that area unit vitally necessary to the yank folks and our future," he can say in CA. He plans to endure election to Congress.

After months with roughly large integer Democrats running for president, the candidate field is commencing to shrink. Moulton is that the second Democrat to finish his campaign in the week, when Washington Gov. Jay Inslee born out weekday to instead endure election as governor. John Hickenlooper, the previous governor of Colorado, all over his primary campaign earlier this month and is currently running for Senate.

Moulton, a Massachusetts Democrat, rose to some prominence in politics for recruiting different Afghanistan and Asian country War veterans to endure Congress over the previous couple of elections. From Washington, he is advocated for brand new leadership on the Hill, as well as associate degree unlucky conceive to take away House Speaker city Pelosi when the Democrats' resonant 2018 victories.

Moulton pitched his bid as policy centered and driven by the leadership of a brand new generation of military veterans. (Like candidates Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and civil authority Pete Buttigieg, Moulton served overseas, tho' he commanded troops in combat.)

But he struggled to lift cash and gain traction throughout his campaign. He failed to qualify for any of the debates.

There area unit still twenty one candidates within the primary.